Meet the Team

Discover the real-life stories of the people on our T.E.A.M.

Together. Encouraging. Accomplishing. Much.

Linette Rainville

Founder & CEO

Visionary. Overcomer. Lover of people, sunsets, waves, and water. Encourager of hearts.


Maureen Murphy


Grace-giver. Faithful friend. Dreamer at heart. Forever the cheerleader and ‘glass is half full’ kind of girl.

Christine Hanley


Prayer warrior. Soul sister. Life of the party. Roll up your sleeves and get it done kind of gal.

Next Steps…

What is your BIG DREAM? Could your ministry use a little ENCOURAGEMENT?  Is your team in need of EQUIPPING?  Would you like to know how you can GROW your LEADERSHIP? How can you better ENGAGE your COMMUNITY?

Request a free “MUSTARD SEED” session with our team.  Our purpose is to help you Discover, Develop, and Deploy your purpose.  Don’t let your dreams die on the vine… step out in faith today and explore the many ways we can be a blessing and encouragement to you.

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