Welcome to Daughters of Buffalo!

You my friend have found your TRIBE!

We are a regional community of established and emerging Christian Women Leaders. We are an ARMY made up of many smaller tribes across the WNY area.

Our mission is to Engage, Equip, Encourage, and Empower one another in our own unique areas of outreach and service.

Daughters of Buffalo is an online and real time community that provides a place for woman leaders to CONNECT,  CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS, CO-LABORATE, CELEBRATE, and COACH one another.

“Daughters” is for the woman who has a passion to become warrior ready, developing the tools and the trades to transform lives around her.

We are a leadership development community, accomplishing our mission through online courses, downloadable materials, in person workshops, retreats, conferences, relationship and mentorship building.

If all this rings true in your soul, you have found your safe place to grow, learn, and flourish as a leader!

What is your story? Let’s Connect!

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